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Live 3D Holographic -

Augmented Reality Theater

Origin Stories is a live theater performance that brings to life Rumi's poetry in 3D augmented reality with holographic animated objects and characters interacting with live dancers. 4 dancers commune with natural elements of fire and geometry, only to forget this connection resulting in the abuse of fire. Directed by Kenji Williams, and choreography and assistant art direction by Irina Akulenko, Origin Stories utilizes 3D projection effects, 3D animated characters by Tobias Gremmler, and morphing sets, live motion tracking, and custom programmed visual algorithms.

As an R&D production of BELLA GAIA, Origin Stories is a result of an artist residency by Kenji Williams, invited by the dean of Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder.  The final production was premiered in front of a live audience at the Conference on World Affairs at CU Boulder, at the Black Box Theater, Atlas Institute.
Note: this video has absolutely no post production effects, and is exactly what the audience sees live without any equipment.  3D effect was produced without the use of 3D glasses, utilizing multiscreen, scrim, and lighting effects live.

Finale Coriolis Engine short Still.png


@ Miller Outdoor Theater 100th year anniversary

Earth Harp (William Close) integration in the BELLA GAIA Experience! This is the world premier of the epic sounds of EarthHarp integrated with the Full Ensemble LIVE with its new aerial whirling finale!

BELLA GAIA is an unprecedented immersive theatre experience inspired by astronauts who spoke of the life-changing power of seeing the Earth from space. Illuminating the natural and cultural beauty of the planet (BELLA) and the interconnectedness of all things on Earth (GAIA), this live concert blends stirring live music and dance from around the world, technology, and stunning NASA satellite imagery to turn the stage planetary. This historic program will also include an introduction to Origin Stories, BELLA GAIA’s new holographic 3D augmented reality theatre production. 

BELLA GAIA captures the Overview Effect*, using satellite imagery of Earth, time lapses, cultural heritage footage, NASA data visualizations, dance, and an award-winning customized musical score to present a spectacular journey around the planet that illuminates the connections between natural systems and human activities through an immersive storytelling method threaded by an orbiting flight path from the International Space Station.  

BELLA GAIA full ensemble +  dancers, acrobatics LIVE

  • Kenji Williams (BELLA GAIA Founder, Composer, & Director)

  • William Close, and Adrienne Byrne - 2 EARTH HARPS!

  • Kristin Hoffmann (Voice and keys)

  • Sumi Kaneko (Koto)

  • Irina Akulenko (Dancer, Choreographer, Whirling, and Asst. Artistic Director of Origin Stories)

  • Mariyah (Dancer)

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