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Covid19 changes Air Traffic

What you see here is a split view of EU air travel. On the left is April 16, 2020 and on the right April, 18 2019. (via ZACH BUSH MD)

It can feel overwhelming to see this macro-visual, doubting that one can change the trajectory of the planet's future. But it's actually quite the opposite.

Every day, you get to choose the 'before' or 'after' photo shown above. You decide to purchase produce from a grocery store or a local farmer (even better, buy into a CSA farm in your town). You decide to drive to work, or bike. You decide if the next piece of clothing you purchase is new or second-hand.

It's ultimately consumers who have the steering wheel. And each of these choices really just come down to caring rather than turning a blind eye. We truly can set up consumerism to put money back into detoxifying and regenerating Mother Nature. It just comes down to making ourselves more accountable.

This global pandemic has forced all of us to sit back and finally give Mother Earth the stage. The virus, in some way, was Mother Nature showing us tangible proof of our capacity to change the future. We can see it with our own eyes; there's no question anymore.

If there's one message we can take from 2020 so far, it's that we can affect change when we choose to. This is an excerpt from a recent article published by @pakaapparel , a women-led small business based in the Andes Mountains, featuring quarantine reflections. Read the full article and view more remarkable comparison imagery:


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